Yellow, White, Red and Mixed Baby Potatoes
These small, bite-size versions of their larger counterparts are packed with flavour. Baby potatoes cook faster, making them an ideal choice for those who want their meals to be quick and healthy. They also save time by eliminating the need to peel or chop. Roast or boil a combination colours for a beautiful and flavour-packed dish.

Available in:
1.5 lb Light-Blocking Bag

Red Yukon, Yellow and White Gourmet Potatoes
The small size of the Gourmet Minis ensures a quick cook time, which can be further shortened by leaving their fibre-rich skins on. Try the Red Yukons roasted, yellows mashed and whites boiled.

Available in:
5 lb Light-Blocking Bag

Russet, Yellow, White and Red Potatoes
We strive to educate the next generation on the importance of including fresh produce in their meals. That’s why we utilize our packaging to guide consumers in choosing the right potato for the job.

Best for Baking – Russet Potatoes
The bright, white flesh of a Russet potato becomes fluffy and dry when cooked.

Best for Mashing – Yellow Potatoes
With a medium starch level, yellow potatoes have a subtly sweet, buttery flavour.

Best for Roasting – Red Potatoes
The lower starch content and waxy texture of red potatoes allows them to hold their shape after cooking.

Best for Boiling – White Potatoes
White potatoes hold their shape after cooking. With a delicate, thin skin, there is no need for peeling.

Available in:
5 lb Light-Blocking Bag
10 lb Paper Bag