Monthly Archives: June 2018

EarthFresh Herb Garden

Growing and harvesting goodness from the earth is what we do best at EarthFresh. We believe in taking care of the earth and those living on it, which inspires our sustainability and healthy living initiatives.
This summer, we are not just growing potatoes. We have planted a herb garden right outside of our EarthFresh kitchen door. This will make it simple for Chef Carla to access fresh herbs anytime and aid in our efforts to minimize food waste. We cultivate a mindset of heathy living amongst our team, and this will be a great way to accessibly add some colour and goodness to everyone’s meals.

Chef Carla is known to use fresh herbs to add flavour, freshness and colour to many of her dishes. Fresh herbs offer many health benefits and are an easy way to sneak in some added nutrition to a meal. Herbs, like most leafy green plants, are filled with super-food qualities since they contain a variety of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Fresh herbs like oregano, parsley, rosemary and basil are amongst the most nutritient-packed greens you can find. When you add flavour to a dish through fresh herbs, you make it more appealing and encouraging to eat more fresh, whole foods.

With an abundance of fresh herbs right outside the EarthFresh kitchen, you will not want to miss out on Chef Carla’s inspired, nutritious recipes this summer. We encourage you to start your own herb garden and add some nutrient-packed colour to your family’s meals.