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EarthFresh And The 4-H Connection


This year, EarthFresh was in invited to participate in the 4-H Global Summit, which was hosted in Ottawa On, from July 11th -14th 2017.

This was an amazing opportunity for us to bridge the gap between Farmers, Growers and Consumers and to show our support to the Agricultural community.

So you might ask What is 4-H?

4-H is a youth development program that teaches kids to be leaders and to learn by doing. It was started as an agriculture based club to teach children about farming with the intention of passing down information from past generations. It has grown and expanded to the suburban and urban areas. Most kids in 4-H nowadays don’t necessarily live on a farm – they are from small towns or urban areas.

There are many opportunities for kids to become leaders in their communities when they get older by being camp counselors, club leaders, county leaders, county ambassadors and provincial ambassadors. This club has changed the lives of many kids and it will continue to do so in the future.

4-H Canada has been one of the most highly respected youth organizations in Canada.

EarthFresh was asked to participate as 4-H sees our company model as a great way to showcase the field to fork business model as we breed, grow, pack and ship potatoes across Canada and into the USA.


Myself, and our summer intern, who is entering her fourth year in Environmental Studies at Guelph University, spent time at the Exposition engaging with many visitors from around the world. They stopped by our booth to learn about who we are as a company and our relationship with 4-H. We also provided guests with a take home life cycle wheel of the potato that easily explained the different stages of growing a potato in detail.

I hosted a cooking demonstration on the last day of the conference creating healthy meals and snacks with potatoes. The audience learned all about our potato varieties and their distinctive usages for various cooking applications. The group sampled two cooked recipes using potatoes of course! It was fun and very hands on and interactive.

It was so inspiring to be among such a passionate group. This 4-H youth leadership group cares about the future of our world and we are happy to be a part of the positive impact they are making.

Chef Carla

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