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Being Mindful in 2017 – from Chef Carla


As we close in on 2016, I had a moment of reflection and realized that I fell short at accomplishing my “2016” New Year’s resolution goals. While it is easy to set goals, no matter what they may be, achieving them requires a plan and action. I am now, with much enthusiasm looking towards the New Year and implementing my renowned plan to achieve the goals I set for myself last year, focusing on the “I want to make this change, because I’ll feel better when I do it.”

2017 will be about nurturing my mind, body and soul, and not just for the year, but embracing the benefits of this healthy lifestyle for many years to come. I want to see daily value from pursuing my resolution; I am going to focus on making these changes because I know they will make me feel better. I will also focus on the immediate, regular benefits from pursuing them. Simply put- I am certain it begins with holding myself accountable.

Taking care of my mind and soul will require meditation and practicing the art of Yoga, which is something I am actually eager and excited to pursue. I will also practice mindful eating- it can be as simple as taking the time to connect and know the story behind my food, or a simple commitment to appreciating wholesome ingredients. I plan to rekindle my relationship with healthy eating and paying attention to flavour, eating in silence when possible and being aware of what is fuelling my body.

As a chef, I will implement my knowledge of food, offering you the best in recipes; they will be healthy, nutrient dense, fun and simple for the entire family to prepare without compromising flavour. I look forward to the challenge of bringing you the very best we have to offer.


Chef Carla