We believe that real food comes from the Earth and in order to produce real food, we need to take care of our environment, our community and our people.

Sustainability is an essential part of the corporate culture at EarthFresh and an integral part of our strategic plans. We know that our success is directly linked to implementing and executing a broad range of sustainable practices. Through technological innovation, environmental impact planning, corporate safety initiatives and community relations activities, EarthFresh understands that how we conduct business is of equal importance to our results. Corporate responsibility guides every aspect of our daily activities and is the key to our continued success.

In 2015 we started a work project with Provision Coalition who helped us plan and implement a sustainable business strategy. We identified and addressed the critical issues of our operation and developed strategies to improve our operations, business strategy and culture. We will continue to partner with them to improve our initiatives.

“Our working relationship with Earth Fresh Foods has been a rewarding and insightful experience. A true leader in their field, Earth Fresh joined Provision’s Sustainability Mentoring and Coaching Program in its early days. Together, we have developed a unique sustainability strategy that reflects the company’s deep and committed roots to protecting the environment, caring for people and delivering the safest and highest quality product.”

Cher Mereweather, Executive Director, Provision Coalition