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EarthFresh is committed to providing you with the finest Organic produce. We have several of our own varieties of potatoes that have proven to be excellent for Organic production. We have selected some of the best Organic farmers throughout North America and we work together with them to grow their crops using natural systems, and to package them in safe certified packing plants. We ensure that we maintain fertile, living soils while protecting the intricate balance of earth, water, and air.

From farm to table, our Organic potatoes are protected from greening, which naturally prolongs the life of your potatoes without the use of chemicals or pesticides.Click to read more

Organic Varieties:
Red, Yellow and Russet Organic Potatoes
Available in:
3lb paper, 3lb Light Blocking poly and 5lb Light Blocking poly bags

Organic Red Potatoes:
Best for Roasting
Organic Yellow Potatoes:
Best for Mashing
Organic Russet Potatoes:
Best for Baking


Organic Baby Potatoes:
Red, Yellow and Russet Organic Potatoes
Available in:
1.5lb Light Blocking bags

Red and Yellow Organic Baby Potatoes:
Great for Boiling and Roasting. Recommended to keep the skins on.


Organic Onions:
Medium Yellow Onions
Available in:
2lb and 3lb sacs
Great for soups, sides, and a flavourful garnish.

All of our Organic packing facilities are certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.