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Carisma, The Lower Glycemic Response Potato

The first potato product that contains slow-release carbohydrates by nature. Slow-release carbohydrates ensure that your body receives dosed energy. It delivers a slow release, longer lasting rise in blood glucose for more sustained energy and feeling full longer. As a Low GR food, the Carisma potato delivers more sustained energy and can assist with weight management.

Carisma is a yellow potato and ideal for baking and salads. They are exceptionally creamy – a unique melt in the mouth texture.
Why is Carisma Unique?
Consuming Carisma potatoes prepared according to directions results in a lower glycemic response after a meal compared to the same amount of a standard** potato. One medium (150g) Carisma potato provides 15g of carbohydrates, as per Nutritional Analysis.
** Standard potatoes are the Russet Burbank variety – which provide 31g of carbohydrates, as per the Canadian Nutrient File – Health Canada.

Carisma Potatoes are great for:

Diabetics – or consumers that are within the danger zone or pre-diabetics.

Health Conscious Shopper – consumers that want to make healthy choices.

Fitness / Nutrition Enthusiasts

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