Choose the “right potato for the job”

Did you know that each potato has a different level of dry matter that determines whether the potato is good for Baking, Boiling, Mashing or Roasting? With hundreds of varieties grown throughout North America, it can get very confusing. EarthFresh is helping you “Choose the right potato for the job”. We have made it simple. Look for our EarthFresh 5lb poly bags that clearly state whether the potato will Bake, Boil, Roast or Mash. Try them with your favorite recipe!

Note: Each potato variety is unique. To classify ALL reds or ALL yellows as “Best for Roasting” or “Best for Mashing” is misleading. The following descriptions are for general use only.

Medium, round or slightly oblong shape, red potatoes can be white or yellow fleshed. Red potatoes hold their shape after cooking, due to their lower starch content and waxy texture.

Best for: Roasting, also great in soups, stews and salads.
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Medium to large, oblong or slightly flattened oval shape, with light to medium russet-brown skin. The bright white flesh of a russet potato becomes fluffy and dry when cooked, making it the perfect baking potato. They are also ideal as a french-fry potato.

Best for: Baking and Frying
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Medium, round to long shape. White or tan skin with white flesh. Texture is firmer, with slightly creamy and thin, delicate skin. White potatoes hold their shape after cooking making them ideal for boiling and in salads.

Best for: Boiling, soups, stews and salads
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Yellow potatoes can be round or slightly oval and flat in shape. They have a natural, buttery flavour. With a medium starch level, yellow potatoes are often sweeter and best used for mashing.

Best for: Mashing
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